Community Dental Clinic at UCSF
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Please contact the appropriate coordinator with questions or concerns. We will do our best to respond in a timely manner.

Arvin Pal

Class of 2019, Director

Jaime Cheung

Class of 2019, Secretary

Emily Yang

Class of 2019, Faculty Recruitment

Semantha (Sammi) Yu

Class of 2020, Faculty Recruitment

Julianna Ko

Class of 2019, Treasurer

Michael Nguyen

Class of 2020, Treasurer

 Jennifer Hoffman

Class of 2019, Patient Scheduler

Brett Parks

Class of 2020, Patient Scheduler

Angela Chen

Class of 2020, Axium Coordinator 


Leah Wilensky

Class of 2020, Secretary

Catherine Tang

Class of 2019, Supplies Coordinator

Alex Romash

Class of 2019, Supplies Coordinator

Avigael (Rebecca) Lerman

Class of 2020, Supplies Coordinator

Victoria Nguyen

Class of 2020, Supplies Coordinator