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Welcome to the Community Dental Clinic (CDC) home page. Please use the links above to find more information about the services that CDC has to offer.


10/8/2012 -- Sign ups work again. We apologize for those providers who signed up for the multiple Oct 10 sessions as we needed to delete all the Oct 10th sessions to allow other students who signed up inadvertently to sign up for other sessions. We appreciate your understanding with this decision.

10/8/2012- All Student Providers (I/D3s, I/D4s): Please note the following changes:

10/4/2012 - D1s who are interested in coordinator positions in CDC need to submit--via email--a CV and Letter of Intent by Wed, October 10th at 5:00pm to Alexa Navasero at

10/4/2012- You can now check on the status of how many sessions you have attended by using the new Session Lookup option under the 'Volunteers' menu.

10/4/2012- Here are some key points that we would like to emphasize from the CDC orientation.